Passing Your Test

Passing your driving test with Quick Pass School of Motoring

50 questions on road knowledge and safety, randomly picked from a data bank of 1000 questions.

Time allowed: 40 mins, you need to score a minimum of 43 to pass. To Practice the theory test for free click here

Hazard perception

Taken alongside the theory test. This Consists Of 14 Short Video Clips In Which You Must Identify Approaching Hazards As Quickly As Cannot Gain Your Theory Certificate Unless You Pass Both Tests At The Same Test Session .Time Allowed For This Test Is 15 Mins.

If you pass both tests you get a certificate – you now have up to 2 years to pass your practical driving test.

Practical test

The practical driving test is taken with a DVSA examiner which usually lasts about 40 to 45 minutes. The examiner will take you on a route designed to test your driving skills. You will have one reverse manoeuvre to demonstrate and have to drive independently for 20 minutes by using a Sat Nav, which is set up by the examiner, or by following road signs. Also one in every three candidates is asked to perform the emergency stop.

You are allowed some minor driving faults which the examiner will record on your test sheet – but any serious or dangerous driving faults on your test and you will fail! About 90% of test failures occur at junctions or roundabouts so take special care at these hazards.

General advice

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before your test
  • Dress comfortably -try and relax
  • Have confidence in your ability
  • Give the examiner a smooth controlled drive that you can both enjoy